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AaaM Architects is a Hong Kong-based architectural design studio that operates under the philosophy of “architecture as a medium”. The studio firmly believes in the transformative power of architecture, and strives to create designs that positively impact all aspects of life. Their focus includes social design, place making and urban revitalization, and they adopt a bottom-up approach to create social places with identity and belongings. Their works also include master planning, architecture, branding and interior as well as installation design. AaaM values collectiveness, sustainable living, playfulness, and creative education for the future generations as essential components of their design approach, seeking to cultivate meaningful connections between people and their built environment. The studio has gained international recognition with a number of awards including German Iconic design Award, Paris DNA Award, K-Design Award, Singapore Design Award, DFA Award, Japan Sky Design Award, Japan Good Design Award - Best 100, etc. and was one of the winners of “Perspective 40 under 40” in 2018

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