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安樂飲食學透過與公眾一起進行藝術體驗, 探索食物帶給你的安樂感。。

請先閱讀課業卡上的內容, 細心聆聽錄音的引領。在慢食的過程中,讓自己進入食物帶給你的聯想世界,重溫一些你可能遺失的記憶。然後抓住感覺,回饋在課業卡上面,作為你的安樂存檔。


This exercise is to explore the ease of eating through an art experience.

Follow the audio guide, enter the imagination that the food brings you. Then, retrieve some of the fading memories, and capture the feelings as an archive of your way of ease.

飲食學 AaaM
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